Purchasing Services
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Purchasing Services

We offer professional services purchase OEM / ODM for our customers. Since the search for suppliers who are manufacturers without intermediaries, then do the designs to us, send samples for approval, tracking of orders to review materials and logistics costs from China factory to the customer's door. We also offer our services in English and Spanish translation to solve the communication problems of customers.

Main advantages of buying from HEDA

- International Business Mentality: We never play with you. The seriousness and truth are our core values.

- Competitive prices: We control all manufacturing processes from the beginning, buying the best raw materials at the best price and subsequent finishing processes firsthand always negotiating with manufacturers. This got our costs are equal to or even lower than any Chinese manufacturer.

- Quality Assured: Our team of technicians control all external processes of production. If we find that the quality parameters are no meet customer requirements in any of these processes, We will ask the supplier for the return and put on the new in perfect condition before shipment to the customer.

- Personalized service: we are at your disposal for whatever they need, if you have a project that no provider wants to accept it for little quantity or complex design or high technical risks or a rare material that it is not found everywhere. in this case, our company HEDA we accept it and give  our costomer a satisfactory solution for our rich experience.